For You I Call – A Fantasy Warfare Novel


Imagine your life. Imagine your family and friends. Imagine the best future can offer is now within your reach. Now turn that around. Your world is no longer peaceful. Your loved ones are battling ruthless creatures that devour everything in their wake. And you are now, their enemy.


After three years of hiding and recovering from a traumatic experience, Argent Cross’ life finally starts heading for the better—only to have it turned upside down. One day he wakes up ten years older, without a clear memory of what happened to him, in a warring country that sees him as their enemy’s spawn. 




Episode 1: Arachnid (Part 1)
1234 – 5

Episode 1: Arachnid (Part 2)
Coming Soon




Here’s my fantasy warfare novel, “For You I Call”! If you like fantasy in renaissance setting, humans-vs-hordes-of-monsters, or simply my style of writing, then this story is for you!

What is this all about:

  • alternate universe
  • epic battles
  • politics
  • love
  • fantasy warfare
  • you-know-they-are-dating-but-I-won’t-say-it


  • ruthless-ness
  • tragedies
  • non-straight relationships (male and female version) and straight relationships
  • present tense style of writing

TLDR: this is basically Muv-Luv Alternative in fantasy setting. Yeah, I love those innocent-hero-thrown-to-alternate-warring-world stories and wish there’s a straight-gay version of it—but there are none, so here it is. Enjoy!