For You I Call – Episode 1: Arachnid Part 1 (1)

Weightlessness and warmth. Those are the first sensations I notice beside the noises around me. I don’t know how I ended up like this. I can’t remember anything, not even who I am or what I am.

Muffled noises reverberate around me, as if they’re traveling in a wide space and then going through water. I strain to identify the sounds. Screeches. Booms. Shouts. Slashes. So many of them. So many things happening at once, just like a war. But one sound stands out above the rest.

“…don’t have much time. Team Omni, proceed with the sample collection. Team Quant will cover you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

People? Who?

I wait for them to speak again, but they don’t. The screeches, booms, and the other noises continue in the distance. Then footsteps come towards me.

“Captain, where are you going?” a voice asks. Close, but not quite in the place where the footstep stopped. Sounds further.

“I’m checking that pond over there,” another voice answers, from the spot where I last heard the footsteps. It was light and clear, but commanding at the same time. “Stay there,” the voice instructs.

The footsteps resume after that. Whoever this captain is, she’s drawing near, walking straight to me. I try to open my eyes, to see what’s going on around me, but I find that I can’t. I can feel my eyes strain from the effort, but my eyelids don’t respond. What happened to me?

Someone gasps, and the footsteps halt. A word spoken with disbelief follows after.


Brother? That word sounds… familiar.

“Did you find something, captain?” the first voice asks.

“Wait! Don’t come here!” The second voice yelled in panic.

Another boom. So close, like it’s in front of my face. Then everything becomes silent once again.

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